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    Be part of the Latinx/a/o community on campus at UConn’s Puerto Rican/Latin American Cultural Center, where you’ll connect with your roots, with your peers, and with the leader you’re meant to become.

    Discover connection. Discover your heritage. Discover yourself.

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About the Puerto Rican / Latin American Cultural Center

PRLACC is a vibrant cultural center open to all students, faculty, staff, and community members interested in promoting awareness, appreciation, and understanding of Latinx/a/o issues and the rich diversity of Latinx/a/o individuals and Latin American cultures. Whether using our physical space to learn, study, relax, or visit with friends; immersing oneself in an aspect of Latinx/a/o culture at one of our events; or taking advantage of resources like our mentoring programs and student organizations, people find they can be themselves at PRLACC, just as they would at home.

History of PRLACC

The Puerto Rican/Latin American Cultural Center arose from the struggle for civil rights and economic justice that found many U.S. campuses and cities in turmoil during the 1960s. At the University of Connecticut, issues such as racism, inequality, and access to education and employment were addressed by many student groups and concerned individuals. PRLACC Timeline


Wonderful stories from our Latinx students at the University of Connecticut and the impact PRLACC has had on their sense of belonging.

PRLACC really was a support system for me. A place where I did a lot of self growth, self reflection.


Hello everyone! ✨
PRLACC will be extending their hours for finals week. Make to be well rested and give it your all in your exams. Good luck! 💙

Hi everyone,

We are reaching out to see if anyone is interested in leading a PRLACC Huskython team!

Link is in our bio! <3

Hello everyone!

Join us on December 7th and 8th from 4-5PM for the LxSLC Coordinator Informational. This position provides an opportunity to create a network within our community while developing your leadership and professional skills.

You must attend ONE informational session in order to apply for the position. If you have any questions, email lxslc@uconn.edu.

Meet your USG Ex Officio Senator!

Name: Mariam Vargas

Year: Sophomore

Why USG?:
“I wanted to be ex officio because am passionate and care deeply about our community at UConn and want to see some real change and representation on campus of the Latino community! “

Email: mariam.vargas@uconn.edu

We are so excited and grateful to Mariam for advocating for our community!

Hi everyone !
LxSLC is collaborating with the Pan-Asian Council, Alpha Epsilon Pi, and Lambda Phi Epsilon for a Be the Match event!

Be the Match is a bone marrow donation program, and helps pair people through the registry. This kind of donation helps save those with Leukemia and other blood cancers.

Come see us on Fairfield way this Thursday to learn more!

Good morning everyone!
Starting today, Fany will be holding office hours every Tuesday from 5-7PM. Come by and talk to her!!!

Happy Latinx Heritage Month! This month we celebrate and acknowledge the contributions made by Hispanic and Latinx people from September 15th to October 15th!

We’ve been working to be able to have many events this month and we are excited to be able to do so! Please joins us as our first event starts today from 3-5 in the PRLACC Program room, we’re having our open house! Please stop by, we’d love to see everyone! <3

Event details and (free) tickets can be obtained by visiting jorgensen.uconn.edu. Door prizes are also given away at the event, so come get your PRLACC swags! ...

Hi everyone!

We’re sending out the Homecoming form one more time, just to get a clear head count of people that are interested. Even if you’ve filled out the form before please do it again, we’ve added additional questions and made a couple of modifications. The link is in our bio <3.
We will send an email after with updates, thank you !