METAS Peer Mentoring Program


Mentoring, Educating, and Training for Academic Success

Mission & Goals

METAS is a peer mentoring program in which first-year students, whether they be freshmen or transfer students, get paired with current UConn students who assist them with their transition to the University.

Mentees can receive academic and social support from all individuals involved in METAS.

Our goals are:

  • Latinx student retention
  • To create a strong sense of community
  • To provide leadership opportunities
  • To provide a support system for first-year and transfer Latinx students as they transition into college life

What can this Program Do for you?

  • Engage you in valuable leadership experiences which become the foundation for skills such as:  communication, mentoring, and conflict resolution
  • Encourage you to connect with the Latinx community on campus.  We will provide you with opportunities to interact, network, and collaborate with the University’s diverse population.

What to Expect:

  • Strong friendships with a diverse group of people
  • Ability to build a mentor relationship that best suits your needs
  • Become a pro Husky…Woof!

METAS Terminology

Mentor:  An experienced UConn student who will provide guidance and support

Mentee:  A first-year student who utilizes their mentor and other mentors in the program as resources for academic, social, and emotional advancement

Coordinators:  The students who facilitate effective programs, build a strong sense of community, and influence the cohort to strive for multiple aspects of success that impact the development and mission of our program

PRLACC:  The Puerto Rican / Latin American Cultural Center, your home away from home, located on the fourth floor of the Student Union

Kick-Off:  The first event of the year where the entire cohort comes together!