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Going to college can be a big transition, whether you’re just starting out or transferring from another campus or school. PRLACC makes it easier with METAS.

Mentoring, Educating, and Transforming to Achieve Success is a peer-mentoring program for first-year and transfer students who are partnered with experienced students to assist them with their transition to the University.

Mentors enjoy leadership opportunities in communication, mentoring, and conflict resolution. Mentees receive academic, personal, emotional, and social support. And everyone builds strong friendships, connects with the UConn Latinx community, and gains a family.

I think the easiest way to get involved is METAS. I think that the METAS program, our mentoring program, has been a very good gateway or a very good entryway for students to kind of get involved in the space, to meet some wonderful students here.

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